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New York The first European to see Manhattan, which was then inhabited by the Algonquin Indians, was Italian navigator Verrazano in 1524. 100 years later, Dutch colonists then established New Amsterdam. The British laid claim to the area in 1664 and its population reached over 30,000 by the time of the Revolution. The city then became the economic center of the new nation. Millions of immigrants migrated to the city - the Statue of Liberty symbolizing their gateway to a new life.

New York City remains a city of opportunity and diversity. One of the most intriguing and exciting cities in the world, its canyon like streets and constant buzz give every visitor an adrenaline boost. With a booming population and over 18,000 restaurants, 150 world-class museums and 10,000 stores the 'City' has something for everyone.

"Big Apple" and the "Capital of the World" cannot begin to describe New York City. There are more historical and modern places to see and things to do than you can even imagine from American icons like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and, the Empire State Building to culture (Broadway theater and museums). Visitors who can stay awhile have time to uncover more of the city's artistic neighborhoods like SoHo, the beaches of Long Island, and nightclubs for all tastes.
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