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Chicago Founded in the 1800's on the shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago served as the connection between the East Coast and the open frontier to the West. Despite burning to the ground in the fire of 1871, Chicago boomed reaching 2 million people around 1900. The city swelled with Irish and Eastern European immigrants (Chicago still has the largest Polish population in the world outside Warsaw). From 1900-1920, African Americans from the liberated South poured in, over 70,000 arriving during the war.

Chicago was the birthplace of trade unions in response to the working conditions and long hours of Industrialization. It then 'roared' in the 1920's with the likes of Al Capone and John Dillinger and their prohibition inspired bootlegging.

Current day Chicago is a hotbed of modern architecture, business and live jazz. And don't forget Wrigley Field! Stroll along part of a 29-mile lakefront, savor the culinary adventure of its fine restaurants, walk through one of its many renowned museums or art galleries or spend a magical evening at the theater.

The neighborhood sidewalks of Chicago offer a collage of sights, sounds, and tastes that make up one of the most ethnically diverse and architecturally celebrated cities in the world.
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