U.S.S. IntrepidApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Launched in 1943, after serving 31 years in the US navy, the Essex class USS Intrepid was retired in 1974 and in 1986 was officially declared a national historic landmark. As one of America's most effective vessels the USS Intrepid earned it's reputation as 'the ghost ship' from enemies due to the fact that even after all of the attacks it had suffered, it continually returned to battle after frequent repairs. During World War II the USS Intrepid played a key role in the campaign to liberate the Philippines and took part in the largest naval engagement in history, the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Throughout it's campaign in the Philippines, the ship suffered 7 bomb attacks one torpedo hit, and 5 kamikaze strikes. In the 60's it served as a recovery vessel for NASA, recovering the Mercury and Gemini capsules. The USS Intrepid served 3 tours in Vietnam.