Union StationApprox. Time: 1 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

The Spanish Mission styled Union Station is worth a visit, even if you are not traveling by rail. Built in the late 1930's, this was the central means of travel until the 1970's. Airplanes and the creation of Amtrak caused a decline in passenger travel through LA's Union Station. In the 1990's, Amtrak and Metrolink began passing through Union Station and revitalized the railway travel industry. By updating the trains and the business involvement in Union Station it has now become one of the most visited places in Los Angeles. It sets itself apart from modern-America's plastic transportation points with marble floors, beamed ceilings, outdoor courtyards, and a clock tower. The future of this facility is already in the making with a high-speed rail system that will commute passengers to other areas of Los Angeles.