Knott's Berry FarmApprox. Time: 4 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

Knott's Berry Farm is a swell amusement park that delights all-ages, especially the kids. Thrill-seekers will relish in the many rides while the more timid will enjoy the theme shows. Be sure to try some of Mrs. Knott's succulent fried chicken and boysenberry pie for lunch.

The Knott's Berry Farm Company started in 1920, when Walter and Cordelia Knott opened their first farmstand in Southern California, we've picked only quality fruits.

Knott's Berry Farm was first started in 1920 when Walter and Cordelia Knott opened a roadside stand in southern California to sell their berries and preserves. The company's first production facility was established in Cordelia Knott's kitchen in 1946 and then moved to a building on the grounds of the Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park. Ten years later, the first jelly and jam products were sold on store shelves and in gift packs.