RaasayApprox. Time: 3 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

Today Raasay has a population of about 200. There are many historical places of interest including Dun Borodale (Iron Age), 9th-century symbol stones located at the foot of Temptation Hill and small pier in front of Raasay House, St. Moluag's Chapel (13th century, now in ruins) and Brochel Castle built by the MacLeods of Lewis in the 15th century with excellent views over to Applecross. A souterrain dating back some 2000 years is located at Clachan near the old pier. Called "uamh na rumh" or "cave of the oars", its original purpose is unknown. In recent times, smugglers used it as a storage area. The island features many trails and walks for the hearty visitor, including the Miners Trail, the Burma Road, and the walk to Temptation Hill. The old pier in front of Raasay House is the location for the "Battery" which was designed as a defense against Napoleon's forces. This structure houses a canon with a cannonball stuck inside. The rock of the Battery is believed to be one of Raasay's symbol stones. You can also see statues of huge mermaids here.

Courtesy of the British Tourist Authority