LeithApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

Leith is, and has been for centuries, Edinburgh's outlet to the sea. Until the coming of modern roads and the railway, the sea was Scotland's commercial highway, and so from earliest times the interests of Edinburgh and Leith intermingled. Leith was an independent burgh until as recently as 1920. Leith has its own long and distinct history, and to this day Leithers retain a strong sense of community. The visitor will find many clear signs of this maritime tradition, both ancient and modern. The hub of Leith is the bustling intersection known colloquially as 'the Foot o' the Walk'. This refers to the broad highway named Leith Walk, which is the main thoroughfare linking the Port with Edinburgh. It is hard now to imagine Leith Loan (as it was known then) as a country road in the eighteenth century.

Courtesy of the British Tourist Authority