Soutpansberg RangeApprox. Time: 8 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

Stretching from the Tropic of Capricorn up to the Beit Bridge border post, touching the majestic Blouberg to the west, flanking the Kruger National Park to the east - this is the Soutpansberg.

A cultural treasure and unsurpassable treat for outdoors enthusiasts, the Soutpansberg Range has some nice hiking trails and is the home of the Venda people.

The wide spectrum of habitat types form a gradient from east to west and from north to south according to the variation in rainfall. Further modifications in habitat result from the diverse geology and topography of the mountain range. These and other factors have produced a unique assortment of ecological niches which are in turn occupied by a wide variety of plants and animals. No less than 555 tree species have been identified in the Soutpansberg. In addition, the mountain range is home to some 94 mammal species, four kinds of tortoise, 44 lizard species, 48 snake species, 1 crocodile species, 23 amphibian species and one butterfly species.

For the nature lover, the area abounds in game farms, natural heritage sites and nature reserves. Experience the breathtaking scenery on foot through guided hikes, self-guided walks or with a 4 X4.

Courtesy of the South Africa Tourism Board