Shangana Cultural VillageApprox. Time: 4 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

This unique product in Hazyview has proven a popular addition to the “cultural tourism” we are able to offer. Just outside Hazyview, close to the Kruger National Park, this product introduces you to the culture of the Shangaan tribe. Day time tours are led from here through to the home of a Shangaan family, who invite guests to experience their culture and learn about their way of life. Midday tours are slightly longer, enabling guests to see the famed Shangaan dancing, drink byala and share with a traditional meal with the family. The magnificent evening festival has been heralded as the country’s finest tradition event. As the sun sets behind the mountains, drums beat and torch-lit processions arrive at Chief Soshangana’s kraal, where choirs and dancers tell the story of the Shangaan people. The chief’s family serves a feast and festivities continue until long after the stars have risen in the African sky.

Courtesy of the South Africa Tourism Board