Knysna LagoonApprox. Time: 24 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

The heart of Knysna is the 18 sq. kilometer lagoon itself, home to the unique Knysna seahorse, the delicate Pansy shell, and at least 200 species of fish. This lagoon is actually an estuary, since the Knysna River meets the tides of the Indian Ocean here.

The tides rise and fall an average 1,7m, flooding the lagoon through a turbulent channel between "The Heads", which are two great sandstone cliffs. Many a vessel came to grief trying to ‘cross the bar’ here during the years when Knysna was used as a harbor.

Its biological richness and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and forests make the lagoon particularly attractive for recreational, tourist and commercial activities. These include angling, canoeing, diving, camping, swimming, walking, boating and commercial oyster cultivation.

Courtesy of South Africa Tourism Board