Cheetah and Crocodile RanchApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

One of the foremost in Eco-tourism, Little Karoo offers a way to meet and greet endangered and dangerous animals, mainly cheetahs and crocodiles, on breeding grounds designed to increase the populations of both species.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is situated just outside Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo, and since its inception in 1977 it has grown to become one of the largest tourist attractions of the region. Purchased as the Cango Crocodile Ranch by Andrew and Glenn Eriksen in 1986, the focus of the ranch shifted towards the plight of endangered species, and in line with this dedication it was expanded to include a number of big cats, with its first breeding programe focusing on the highly endangered Cheetah.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch and its breeding center is carefully designed so that its more than 47 species of animals and reptiles can roam peacefully in comfortable natural enclosures, giving visitors the opportunity to closely observe, and in some cases, interact with a wide variety of unusual and endangered animals.

In 1988 the Ranch developed a facility known as Cheetahland, within its borders, in an effort to promote its goal of making the public aware of endangered species. This unique facility is home to a large variety of big cats, which can be viewed from an elevated "catwalk" providing an uninhibited view of these magnificent creatures. It was found that giving visitors the opportunity to "experience the thrill" of meeting and actually touching the Ranch's tame Cheetah's involved them further in the conservation process. It is an unforgettable personal experience. (See Cheetah Conservation Foundation)