Badi PalaceApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

A treat for anyone curious about the grand history of Morocco, the Badi Palace is a must see. The remains of the Badi Palace (the "Incomparable Palace") are, sadly, a mere shadow of the grandeur it once evidenced. The enormous quantities of gold, marble, and onyx used in its construction were obtained from across Europe for their weight in sugar by the most celebrated Saadian ruler, Ahmed el Mansour. Unfortunately, this magnificent architectural achievement was systematically ransacked and plundered by Moulay Ismail. Ismail later used the looted treasures to construct his own palace in Meknes. The Palace is also often visited by people wishing to view the thousands of storks who have made the nooks of the palace's walls their homes.

Courtesy of the Morocco Tourism Board