Kamakura - Kenchoji TempleApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

A magnificent temple that tops the list of Kamakura temples. Kenchoji was founded in 1253 by a high-ranking Chinese priest Rankei Doryu under the sponsorship of Hojo Tokiyori. It features a Chinese layout of its main constituents, such as Somon, Sanmon, Butsuden, and Hatto, which are located in a straight line running through the premises. The 730-year-old Byakushin tree in front of the Butsuden building indicates the age of the temple. This is the main temple of the Kenchoji faction of the Rinzai Buddhist sect. Its main sanctuary houses a wooden statue of a seated Jizo Bosatsu. Kenchoji has 10 smaller temples sharing its precincts. Hansobo at the far end of the temple's premises is on the way to the Amazono hiking course.

Courtesy of Japan Tourism Board.