Gyokusen Cave, TamagusukuApprox. Time: 5 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

The Gyokusen Cave is 5,000m long and the most exhilarating stalactite cave in the Far East. Formed 3 million years ago when the area around the cave, which used to be coral reefs under the ocean, was raised as the island itself was being made. The stalactites in the cave are found to be made of coral that transfigured itself over tremendously long periods of time, and its awesome beauty is comparable to the fascinating splendor of the coral reefs. The numerous figures of the stalactites outnumber any other found in Japan or the world. The cave is habitat to over 30 species of plants and animals such as the Ryukyu Kokikugashira Bats, Konjin Tenaga Shrimp, the carp and crab. Its grandeur boasts widths of 5-10m and its highest reaching 20m tall. The naturally created underground art museum with its countless display of nature's wonders is truly a breathtaking place to see. The cave is 21 degrees centigrade; the water is 18 degrees centigrade.

Courtesy of Japan Tourism Board.