Fukumitsuya Approx. Time: 4 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

A sake brewery in Kanazawa, in operation at the same location for the last 350 years. They continue to use traditional techniques (in tandem with some very high-tech processes) even in our day and age. Adding to its traditional style is the fact that Fukumitsuya has been making sake at the very same brewery for more than 350 years. The main reason being location. Situated directly above a deep natural reservoir which spouts pure spring water, it is the ideal place to to create a truly wonderful sake. The Master Brewer has made a wonderful effort and provides a lot of information in English about sake brewing techniques. In addition to the literature sake-tasting is provided with generous portions of a selection of vari,ous sakes. It is definitely a great afternoon adventure.

Courtesy of Japan Tourism Board.