Islands of Murano, Burano, and TorcelloApprox. Time: 8 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

Murano, famous for the beautiful blown glass that its craftsmen have produced for centuries, is the closest major island in the Venetian lagoon. When people speak of "Venetian glass," it came from Murano. It is a treat to visit the small family run workshops and witness the art being created. Burano, another nearby island, is famous for the beauty and complexity of the lacework that the Buranese women have created for centuries. Burano also is known for the brightly and vividly painted houses which stand in stark contrast to the relatively muted colors of Venice proper. Torcello is a silent haven of repose in the otherwise active Venetian lagoon. The original Venetian colony, it is now virtually deserted, although it makes a delightful day trip. Here one can find Venice's oldest cathedral, and the throne that Atilla the Hun used when he conquered the city-state one thousand years ago.