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Haifa Commanding a breathtaking view of the city and the bay, Israel's major port and important center of industry and commerce, Haifa spreads over the slopes of Mt. Carmel. Haifa has approximately 250,000 inhabitants.
Although it does not appear in the Bible, Haifa is mentioned in Talmudic literature as a well-established Jewish community. Relics found within the city limits date from the Stone Age to the Ottoman period. During the Middle Ages, the Jewish settlement in Haifa grew into a shipping center. In the 12th century, the city was conquered by the Crusaders. It fell to the Marmelukes in 1265, and in 1750 was captured, destroyed, and rebuilt by the Bedouin, Dahar al-Omar. From 1775 until World War 1, Haifa was under Turkish control with two interruptions - in 1799 it was conquered by Napoleon and from 1831-1840 it was under Egyptian rule. Early in the 19th century, Jews from North Africa settled in Haifa. In 1868 German Templars established Haifa's German Colony, and European Jews settled in the city in 1879. In 1918, it was taken from the Turks by the British. With the beginning of the British evacuation in 1948, the Hagana took over the city. Throughout its history, Haifa has been a haven for religious minorities, some of which have established their centers there.
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