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Beersheva Beersheva, a frontier town in the Negev Desert, is one of Israel's most interesting archaeological treasures. The most famous site visited in town is Shivta. Shivta, a partly reconstructed Nabatean-Byzantine city, was established by the Nabateans and flourished during the Byzantine period (4th-7th centuries CE). Following the Arab conquest in the 7th century it began to decline, and was abandoned in the 12th century. Expeditions exploring the Negev visited Shivta at the beginning of the 20th century, and were impressed by the buildings' good state of preservation. Three Byzantine churches were discovered in the city. Other remains from the Roman and Byzantine period include houses, tiled streets, water and drainage systems, which are well preserved.

Beersheva is also a fantastic stop for shopping enthusiasts. Held only on Thursdays, the Bedouin Market is a great place to buy local crafts.

For day tours to Beersheva, please refer to tours listed under Jerusalem.
Beersheva Tour Attractions
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