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Aqaba Aqaba, with its clean sandy beaches and transparent waters, is an ideal location for both relaxation and water sports. Famed for its preserved coral reefs and unique sea life, this Red Sea port city was, in ancient times, the main port for shipments from the Red Sea to the Far East.

The Mameluk Fort, One of the main historical landmarks of Aqaba was originally a Crusader Castle, rebuilt by the Mameluks in the sixteenth century. Square in shape and flanked by semicircular towers, the fort is marked with various inscriptions marking the latter period of the Islamic dynasty.

The current excavations at the ancient site of Medieval Islamic Ayla already revealed a gate and city wall along with towers, buildings, a town mosque, courtyards and baths.

The Museum houses a collection of artifacts collected in the region, including pottery and coins. It also hosts the house of Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, the great grandfather of King Abdullah II.

Other places of interest are the site of the oldest church in the world, the Aquarium and several diving centers across the shoreline.

Information provided by Jordan Tourism Board.
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