Glin CastleApprox. Time: 0 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

The 29th Knight of Glin and Madam FitzGerald welcome you to their home. Glin Castle stands proudly in the middle of its 500 acre wooded demesne on the banks of the river Shannon. The toy-fortress like quality is echoed by its three sets of battlemented Gothic folly lodges, one of which is a tea and craft shop.

The present Glin Castle which succeeds the medieval ruin in the village of Glin was built in the late 18th century with entertaining in mind.

The entrance hall, with a screen of Corinthian pillars, has a superb neo-classical plaster ceiling and the enfilade of reception rooms are filled with a unique collection of Irish 18th century mohogany furniture.

Family portraits and Irish pictures line the walls, and the library bookcase has a secret door leading to the hall and the very rare flying staircase.