Rothe HouseApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

This Elizabethan complex was an extended family home in every sense. Built by prosperous merchant John Rothe in 1594, the building was soon enlarged to accommodate his family of 12 children. Second and third houses were built around cobbled courtyards and a well dating to 1604.

The second generation and their families shared facilities like the well and the brewhouse. The house would have been very comfortably furnished by the standards of the day, the list of Rothe's possessions included 'bedsteads, cupboards, a great cipresse chest, pewter, brass, feathers and flocks'. The Kilkenny Archaeological Society bought and restored the house. Within the house are various exhibitions from folk to costume and accessories. The Society library is also housed in the building. The County Genealogical Research Service for Kilkenny is also at Rothe House.