Dun AonghasaApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Perched spectacularly on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean, this is the largest of the prehistoric stone forts of the Aran Islands. It is enclosed by three massive dry-stone walls and a "chevaux-de-frise" consisting of tall blocks of limestone set vertically into the ground to deter attackers.

The fort is about 900m from the Visitor Centre and is approached over rising ground. Access for visitors with disabilities to the Visitor Centre.

As much of the tour is outdoors, visitors are advised to wear weather protective clothing and shoes suitable for walking over uneven terrain. Please note that DĂșn Aonghasa is a vulnerable site. Visitors are therefore asked to co-operate with our effort to protect this monument by not interfering with this site in any way.