DubliniaApprox. Time: 1 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Dublinia has been developed by The Medieval Trust to recreate the formative period in the city's growth from the arrival of the Anglo Normans in 1170 to the closure of its monasteries by Henry VIII in 1540. It is situated in a beautifully preserved building in the heart of the old city, next to Christ Church Cathedral, to which it is linked by an elegant bridge.

Journey through time where you will experience the drama and magic in life-like displays of memorable episodes in Dublin's history over 400 years.

From here you will move to everyday life in medieval Dublin. A scale model of the city, with commentary and sequential lighting, will show you the location of public buildings and the layout of the streets. Life-size reconstructions illustrate the built environment of the Middle Ages. Medieval artifacts excavated at nearby Wood Quay provide information on the lives of the citizens.

Climb the 17th century St Michael's Tower for a unique panoramic view of modern Dublin.