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Mount Abu Surrounded by forests, rich in flora and fauna, Mount Abu appears as an oasis. Located in Rajasthan, Mt. Abu is both a hill resort and a pilgrimage site. This mountain lies at the southern extremity of the Aravalli Range. The drive uphill along Abu Road, overlooks an arid region, strewn by huge rocks with smooth surfaces and weird shapes, fashioned by high velocity winds. The altitude of this plateau (1220 m) and the abundant vegetation have blessed Abu with a pleasant climate.
Abu, according to legend, stands for the son of Himalaya. Many sages and seers had their retreats on Mt. Abu, the most famous of them being sage Vashistha. Mt Abu was dedicated to Lord Shiva before it became a Jain pilgrim centre. The greatest attraction of Abu are the grand Dilwara temples.
Courtesy of the India Tourism Board
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