Umaid Bhawan PalaceApprox. Time: 1 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

One of the finest surviving examples of art deco in the world, this palace displays extravagance. The 20th century Umaid Bhavan Palace was built in a time of peace, and is quite Western in its design. It was built as a famine relief project which gave employment to people for 16 years. Under a dome, the like of which no other palace in Rajasthan can boast of, the Palace contains over 300 rooms. It has its own theatre, eight dining rooms, and a banquet hall which seats three hundred people. Much of the interior of the palace is in the art deco style. Deep within the palace is an indoor swimming pool, which boasts a mosaic of zodiac symbols. Although the palace is now a hotel, parts have been retained as a museum and as royal residence.

Courtesy of the India Tourism Board