Fort (Sonar Kila)Approx. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Rising out of the sea of sand, this Fort's rounded battlements of golden sandstone echo the color of the desert. This 12th century fort has proudly withstood the ravages of time. Walking down the narrow cobbled stone lanes, one can feel the magnetism of Jaisalmer. Several entrances, called "pols," guard the Megh Durbar and the Jawahar Mahal, which bear the imperial symbols of the Bhatti clan's lunar lineage. Outside the fort, is the main market place called Manek Chowk. From Manek Chowk, one can walk into the lanes where the famous carved havelis are to be found. Within the fort is a palace located on the highest point of Tricuta Hill, within a protective wall of double ramparts. Four gateways provide protection to the fort, and several tower-like buildings function as lookouts. The fort also houses a number of small Mahals, such as the Janaki Mahal, Moti Mahal, and the Phool Mahal.

Courtesy of the India Tourism Board