Sukhna LakeApprox. Time: 3 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

The tree-shaded promenade around the lake is a favorite spot to stroll and enjoy the tranquil ambience. At the entrance to the Sukhna Lake park one reads Corbusier's Edict of the Lake. "The founders of Chandigarh have offered this lake and dam to the citizens of the new city so that they may escape the humdrum of the city life and enjoy the beauty of nature in peace and silence." Paddle-boats and yachting are another pleasant diversion. The lake and its heavily wooded shores constitute a nationally protected wetland. This is a favorite spot for bird watchers. From December through February, aside from scores of local species one can see many species of aquatic birds from Central Asia and Siberia that find the lake a pleasant place to pass the winter. The lake also has a full length water course, developed in 1989 when the city hosted the 1989 Asia Rowing Championship. This manmade lake spreads over 3 square kilometers on the northern border of the city.

Courtesy of the India Tourism Board