Bharatpur bird sanctuaryApprox. Time: 3 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

The Keoladeo Ghana or Bharatpur National Park is one of the most spectacular bird sanctuaries in India. Situated in eastern Rajasthan it is about 176 kms away from Delhi, and 50 km west of Agra. It is home to nesting indigenous water- birds as well as migratory water birds and water side birds. It is also inhabited by sambar, chital, nilgai and boar. More than 300 species of birds are found in this small park of 29 sq. km. of which 11 sq. km. are marshes and the rest scrubland and grassland. Keoladeo, the name derives from an ancient Hindu temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, which stands at the centre of the park. 'Ghana' means dense, referring to the thick forest, which used to cover the area. While many of India's parks have been developed from the hunting preserves of princely India, Keoladeo Ghana is perhaps the only case where the habitat has been created by a maharaja.

In earlier times, Bharatpur town used to be flooded regularly every monsoon.

Courtesy of India Tourism Board