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Rouen In 1431 Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in the city of Rouen. Today Rouen, the capital of Seine-Maritime in northern France, is a seaport for Paris and a major manufacturing center. Products made here include textiles, clothing, paper, refined petroleum, and chemicals.

The city was badly damaged in World War II, but most of its numerous architectural monuments were restored after 1945. The chief structures include the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame, the large Flamboyant-Gothic Church of Saint Maclou, the Church of Saint Ouen, the late Gothic Palais de Justice, and the Tour de Jeanne d’Arc, a tower in which Joan of Arc was imprisoned in 1430. The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics contains a notable collection of the faience and porcelain for which Rouen was known during the 16th to 18th centuries.
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