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Biarritz The varied Aquitaine region's history began thousands of year's ago when Cro-magnon man lived in the caves of the PĂ©rigord and left cave paintings in sites such as Lascaux and Les Eyzies. Today, the fortified villages and castles built during this time offer charm to the winding countryside and provide interesting stops along the road including beautiful beaches, excellent surfing, and glamorous entertainment. Among its most fashionable cities is Biarritz. Biarritz's exciting nightlife once entertained Napoleon III, Bismark, and Queen Victoria. This fashionable seaside resort invites tourists to enjoy its bustling casinos, glorious beaches, and lush golf courses. Bayonne, on the other hand, maintains its small-town appeal while boasting its grand port status. Hemmingway once compared the city to a very clean Spanish town on a big river.
Biarritz Tour Attractions
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