Musee d'Art Moderne et ContemporainApprox. Time: 3 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

In a majestic building constructed of glass and pink granite, the museum's visitors discover an original collection of art.This museum is the only French institution to offer a real panorama of modern and contemporary art, from 1870 to present. The layout of the museum is in chronological order. It starts with a historical "section" retracing the emergence of modern art and ending with a contemporary "section". The collection is spread out over 2 floors and with 2 very different layouts. Favoring the underlying meaning than the actual form, the museum's arrangement aims to offer keys to the public so to better understand the art of today in its diversity. Beyond its mission as a representative of France, the museum is enriched by offering different services to the public: a graphic art and photography consultation room, an art library, an auditorium sitting up to 138 people, an education center, a museum shop and a café-restaurant on the terrace.