Giverny (Monet's Home)Approx. Time: 6 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

At the gateway to Normandy, 75 km from Paris and 60 km from Rouen, the village of Giverny (pronounced Jee-va-nyee) is located on the right bank of the River Seine, at its confluence with one of the two branches of the River Epte lined with willows and poplars.

Giverny, once home to artist Claude Monet, is framed by cascading hills and the lilypads on the Epte River. The area soon became a haven for many other artists including Paul Cezanne. The Musee Claude Monet includes the artist's renovated thatched-roof house and his garden, which Monet described as his most beautiful masterpiece.

Claude Monet's famous property in Giverny was inaugurated in 1980 as the Claude Monet Foundation after completion of large-scale restoration work. Today the gardens have been replanted as they once were offering visitors a peek at the "painting from nature" which Claude Monet's contemporaries considered one of his masterpieces.