Musee d'Historie NaturelleApprox. Time: 3 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Stately, refined, and richly decorated, the Natural History Museum is composed of two parts: the Lafaille Museum and the Fleuriau Museum. The Lafaille Museum originates in the "cabinet" of natural history of the scientist Clément de Lafaille. This "cabinet" is extremely rare, made up of 17th-century mural windows separated by grooved pilasters and marine trophies, and twelve table-windows intended to shelter the collections of "shells" of Lafaille.

The museum houses two additionally interesting section, the sections of ethnography and oceanography. Among the most remarkable parts: a reduced head of Jivaros, a bicephalous statuette of the Easter Island, sculptures on ivory of cachalot coming from the Marquesas Islands, a very complete collection of abyssal fauna.