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Cairo Description of Cairo

Travel to Cairo to experience its chaotic mixture of sights, sounds and smells. Cairo is heaving with life, volatile, polluted and boisterous, with an intensity that both exhausts and invigorates the traveler. Travelers have commented that Cairo is also distinctive with its ancient monuments in juxtaposition to the modern and cosmopolitan. The congested streets of Islamic Cairo are full of donkey carts, traders and mosques. In Cairo, taxis clamour for attention and pedestrians elbow their way past busy coffee houses. Travel to Cairo to gain a cultural experience like none other.

Shopping and Bargaining in Cairo

Travelers can also practice the age-old art of bargaining for trinkets, spices and perfume in one of the world’s largest bazaars, or pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, which houses treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb and is one of Egypt’s main attractions. Cairo has a large concentrations of hotels, restaurants, and shops that the traveler can choose from.

The Culture of Cairo
The Cairo cultural scene defies preconceptions. The traveler can go to a concert of classical Arabic music in a restored medieval house, watch dervishes whirl in an old palace, then take in a performance of La Bohème by the Cairo Opera Company, and end the night on a disco dance floor. Although, in Cairo, the traditional culture is more visible, travelers will experience the hip "global" scene thrives behind closed doors. Situated on the Nile, Egyptians arrogantly refer to Cairo as the ‘Mother of all Cities’; many travelers who have experienced Cairo’s unruliness would perhaps describe it in less endearing terms. Cairo is as beguiling as it is messy. Cairo’s charm lies in the blend of African, Arab and European influences, the timelessness of the old and the energy of the present.

Traveling to Cairo, Egypt

Travelers will enjoy the colorful lifestyle of the natives of Cairo. In addition to a tour of Cairo, all of the cities within Egypt are great extension options to your travel experience. Cairo has a wealth of travel opportunities to offer to travelers that are avidly seeking a culture-rich vacation. Cairo is a must-see stop on any trip to Egypt, whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned traveler of Cairo.
Cairo Tour Attractions
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