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Alexandria Explore the wonder of pyramids and temples in the seaside metropolis of Alexandria. Alexandria is a city to explore at random. It's as important to enjoy the atmosphere as it is to see the sights. The city center now stretches back from Midan Saad Zaghloul, where there is a statue of the nationalist leader. This was formerly the site of the Caesareum, a magnificent temple begun by Cleopatra for her lover Antony and subsequently completed by their enemy Octavian.
The Corniche is lined with beaches, with full tourist facilities, from the city center outwards. In town try the Stanley beach. Further east Montazah Beach and Ma'amoura are two of the best. In spite of miles of white sand beaches and azure sea, Egypt's Med is still undeveloped and relatively unpopulated. There are fine beaches all along the coast from Alexandria to Mersa Matrouth, including the resort of Sidi Abd al Rahman, a secluded bay with clear waters and a selection of villas and hotels.
Courtesy of Egyptian Tourism Board.
Alexandria Tour Attractions
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