St. Catherine's Monastery Approx. Time: 1 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

The Monastery of St. Catherine is located in the Sinai Peninsula and lies in the foothills of Moses' moutain and it contains:
  1. The Basilica: Built by Emperor Justinian in the sixth century A.D. in the monarchal style with its three halls consisting of the Sanctuary, the Altar and the Nave. Above the arch of the Sanctuary, there are the oldest and most beautiful mosaics in the Eastern Orthodox Church.
  2. The Chapel of the Burning Bush: Behind the main church of the monastery.
  3. The Library: The Library of the Monastery is said to rank second only to that of the Vatican as for the extensive collection of the rare manuscripts (3,500) in various languages.
  4. The Mosque: It lies beside the main church, constructed in the reign of the Fatimid Caliph, Al-Amer Bi-Ahkam Allah, in the 11th century, symbolic of love and fraternity on the land of Egypt.
  5. Museum of the Monastery: It hosts a rare collection of icons (2000) and the most precious objects, offered as gifts sent by kings and rulers of the Christian world as crosses, gold crowns inlaid with precious stones and also gold plated chandeliers.

    Many Christians and Jews make the pilgrimage here each year.

    Courtesy of Egypt Tourism Board