Sultan Barquq  Complex Approx. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

Next door to the al-Nasir complex and near the Sultan Qala'un complex is the Sultan Barquq complex, built in 1384 by the first "tower," or Burgi Mameluke sultan, who ruled from 1382 until 1399. This complex includes a cruciform medersa, a khanqa which offered living quarters for the Sufi mystics, and a tomb of one of the sultan's daughters. The structure continues the traditions of the earlier Mamluk period. The facade has a distinctive stone entrance of black and white marble, a plain cupola, narrow recessed panels that frame the windows, and an octagonal minaret with three balconies. The offset entrance has bronze plated doors inlaid with polygonal silver designs, and Barquq's name appears on a central star.

Courtesy of Egypt Tourism Board