Pharonic Village Approx. Time: 4 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

The Pharaonic Village is a historic theme park on a beautiful island on the Nile, just 3 miles south of the center of Cairo. It offers an excellent educational experience for young and old showing all the arts and crafts of ancient Egypt as well as various segments of Egyptian art and history.

This is a must-see sight for visitors. It is a living museum depicting everyday life in ancient Egypt. Dr. Ragab has worked for over twenty years to create the most precise living recreation of the golden days of Pharaonic Egypt, and now he invites you to join him on this fascinating journey to the past.

Over a hundred actors and actresses perform all the daily activities and arts of the ancient Egyptians, including engaging in agriculture, pottery, sculpting, weaving, and much more. Everyone that would have existed in an ancient Egyptian city is here in the modern recreation, from pharaohs to fishermen, and from potters to priests. Because of this attention to detail, the Pharaonic Village is more than education and entertainment, it is a vital resource in the preservation of our knowledge of the ancient world.

Courtesy of Egypt Tourism Board