Heliopolis ObeliskApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easy to Moderate

This is the oldest surviving obelisk (B.C. 20 century), within all the existing 26 standing obelisks worldwide. Heliopolis is 15 km northeast from the downrown Cairo.

Al-Matereia are occupies the ancient site on which the Pharaonic city of Oun was located. The Greeks called this city Heliopolis. This obeliskit was built for Pharaoh Sesostris I (Senusert I) (The 12th Dynasty, reigned B.C. 1972-1928) It is 20.4 meters high(Other sources say 20.5 meters, 20.75 meters, 64 feet, 67 feet) and weighs 121 tones (Other source says 120 tons). It is made out of red granite.