Egyptian MuseumApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

One of the most prominent museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum offers visitors a chance to familiarize themselves with Egypt's ancient history over a period of 50 centuries.

The Egyptian government established the 'Service des Antiques de l' Egypte' in 1835 mainly to halt the plundering of archaeological sites and to arrange the exhibition of the collected artifacts owned by the government. After housing the artifacts in several places, the present museum was built in 1900 in the neo-classical style by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon. This museum exhibits over 120 000 objects. These include: the mummies of some Pharaohs of the 18th to 20th Dynasty found in Thebes (Seqenenre, Ahmose I, Amenhotep I, Tuthmosis I, Tuthmosis II, Tuthmosis III, Seti I, Ramsis II, Ramsis III), artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamon (consisting of more than 3500 pieces, of which 1700 objects are displayed in the museum), and artifacts from the tombs of kings and members of the royal families.

Courtesy of Egypt Tourism Board