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Prague Overview of Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic is fast creating a dynamic commercial and artistic culture that is attracting many travelers to the area. It is no wonder since Prague is one of the most beautiful of all European capitals. Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. Situated on the Vltava River, Prague is Czech Republic’s major economic and cultural center and has a rich architectural heritage that dates to the 9th century. From small original settlements, Prague has spread over hills, up tributary valleys, and along riverside terraces. Prague has been prominent in the Czech Republic's economic life since the intensive development in the 19th century of the textile and machinery industries. Manufacturing is Prague’s top economic resource.

The Cultural Life of Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is famed for its cultural life, particularly in music and literature. The music of the great Czech composers Bedrich Smetana, Antonín Dvorák, and Leos Janácek is commemorated annually in a spring festival that travelers of Prague can visit. Prague’s fine orchestras--the Prague Symphony and the Czech Philharmonic--are world-renowned.

Attractions of Prague, Czech Republic
Travelers to Prague should visit the Prague Castle, which is the most popular and visited sight in Prague. Travelers should also visit Kampa, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Petrin Hill, just to name a few, to add to the travel experience. Also, travelers to Prague will discover many great restaurants and local pubs to visit.

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic

Natives of Prague and visitors alike enjoy the colorful lifestyle of Prague. In addition to a tour of Prague, all of the cities within Czech Republic are great extension options to your travel experience. Czech Republic has a wealth of travel opportunities to offer to travelers that are avidly seeking a culture-rich vacation. Prague is a must-see stop on any trip to Czech Republic, whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned traveler of Czech Republic.

Prague Tour Attractions
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