St. Vitus CathedralApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

This cathedral is a compilation of renovations and additions, consisting mostly of neo gothic elements but also with various other renaissance and baroque pieces. The twin gothic towers which rise up at the main entrance (west side) are the newest additions and notice, are of a different style to the third and tallest renaissance/gothic/baroque tower on the south side. Peter Parler was the designer of note for the gothic elements over various parts of the whole and dramatically demonstrates his style on the flying buttresses on the rear (east end) of the building. The many gargoyles poking out grotesquely are a harmless, one hopes, but worrisome feature and especially interesting when it rains; the water pours down from their ugly mouths.

Enter the main entrance and feel the vast vaulted space rising 33 meters and on either side the sprinkling of coloured light from the stain glass windows. Each stain glassed window is designed individually one of which was made by the celebrated Czech painter Alfons Mucha. The huge rosary window casts its light from behind.