Hitoy Cerere Biological ReserveApprox. Time: 6 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

If you want to get away from the crowds and into nature and hiking, then Hitoy - Cerere is for you. There is no easy access to this park and it can be described as "off the beaten track", but once you're there, you'll be glad of the extra effort.

The park itself is 9,050 hectares and protects a wet tropical forest that is beautiful all year round. There is no best time to see the park since rains are only sporadic during the dry season. The exuberant plant life provides superb surroundings for hiking.

The wildlife is plentiful and includes the margay, peccaries and monkeys. Bird life is also abundant and trekking through here you will definitely chalk a few up on your life list. According to park guides, several of the areas that are still unexplored serve as home to the elusive harpy eagle. What an addition to your traveling tales!