Cahuita National ParkApprox. Time: 6 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

It protects a well - developed coral reef and is one of the most visited parks on the Caribbean Coast. It's been open to the public since 1970 and runs along the coast for 1,067 hectares. Over 23,000 hectares make up the marine park including the reef system.

Aside from the howler monkeys and sloths in the tropical humid forest, you can see angel fish and brain coral in the water.

Cahuita is one of the more pleasant parks to hike through since it runs primarily along the beach. The hike takes you through this often swampy forest on a well - defined path. Help the local conservation effort by hiring a local guide. Several bilingual guides are available and aid in keeping impact on the park as low as possible.

As in Manuel Antonio Park in the mid Pacific region, Cahuita is excellent for both land and water activities. After exploring the forest you can find a spot on the beach and see the underwater sights. The coral reef is large and gives you a formidable background for your underwater shots. Follow park rules and avoid touching the coral with either your hands or fins.