Ilha Do Mel Approx. Time: 6 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Ecological patrimony not only of the paranaense population, but of all the humanity, the Island of the Honey has 95% of its composed area for ecosystems and the rest is Atlantic Forest. The area was raised to the category of Ecological Station in 1982.

Ilha Do Mel has amazing walking paths that take you through beautiful landscapes with both vegetation and animal species. The aromas will awaken your senses!

Along its 18 km of beaches there are other attractions: its Forte de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, a fortress built in 1767, its Farol das Conchas and the lighthouse built in 1872, and its Gruta das Encantadas, a legendary cave.

Take a bath in the salty waters that not only allows the relaxation of the body, as also it leads to an adequate peace of spirit in this beautiful hiding place.