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Paraty Paraty was founded in the early of the 17th century. Today it is a charming colonial town, declared National Historical Monument in 1966. Motor vehicle traffic has been banned from its narrow, stone-paved streets. The region where Paraty is today was occupied by Guaianá Indians. The sheltered waters of the bay offered safe sailing to the Indians' small boats. The word 'Paraty' comes from the name of a fish, which was abundant in the area.

At the beginning, an important economic activity was the manufacture of Sugarcane . The cachaça' (rum), which was made there was considered to be one of the best in the country, being exported to other countries. It used to be so important that, for some time, the word 'Paraty' was a synonym for the word 'cachaça' (rum). The isolation helped to keep intact the harmonious architectural complex of the town, besides preserving its inhabitants' uses and customs. Among the many resorts, tourists enjoy not only to walk around the beautiful streets of the historical center, but to explore the 65 islands and over 300 beaches of the region as well.
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