Angra dos Reis Tour in Brazil Travel
Angra dos Reis Angra dos Reis is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil composed by 365 islands and 2000 beaches. The main attraction is "Ilha Grande", the largest island which once was a pirate colony, now the most famous of these islands is known as a great place for camping and hiking. The island, surrounded by 106 beaches, and bearing mountains and incredible waterfalls, is a perfect place for trekking and camping. Located 155km from Rio de Janeiro, it is spread in an area of 819 square km. It has 4 districts which are: Angra, Cunhambebe, Ilha Grande and Mambucaba. This city was settled in the 1500's and is the starting point for those venturing out to nearby islands.
*Note you can visit Angra dos Reis as a day trip from Rio, or stay on the island resort style!
Courtesy of the Brazil Tourism Board
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