Igreja do BomfimApprox. Time: 3 hours
Activity Level: Moderate to Strenuous

NOSSO SENHOR DO BONFIM CHURCH: Catholic or not it would be a sin to be in Salvador and not visit the "Colina Sagrada" where the Bonfim Church is located. It is the most celebrated temple of Bahia, as a place famous for its religious feelings.

Among the main churches, the outstanding one is that of Nossso Senhor do Bonfim. It was built in the 18th century and its details demonstrate the Bahia variation of baroque and rococo styles. It is a church of pilgrimage and receives the largest number of devout in all the State.

Salvador's Room of Miracles is the main attraction in this place of worship. Believers leave replicas of body parts that need healing. Don't mock the believers, they have been known to violently defend their beliefs.

Courtesy of the Brazil Tourism Board