Lagoinha BeachApprox. Time: 4 hours
Activity Level: Moderate

Seen from above, Lagoinha is one of most beautiful landscapes in the world, especially when the jangadas are in the background sailing or when the sunlight hits the dunes creating a marvelous contrast between the blue ocean and the green coconut trees.

Ispiration for many poems and songs, Lagoinha is becoming another legendary beach of CearĂ¡. The name Lagoinha comes from the calm waters that rule this beach. Its main attractions are the ruins of Brazil's first glass factory, constructed during the Empire. 124km from Fortaleza towards the Serra do Mar range, Lagoinha also is near ruins said to be the remains of a big old slavequarter still defy the action of times.

A good beach for windsurfing, jet-ski, banana-boat and schooner trips.