Commonwealth ParkApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Commonwealth Park is one of Canberra's premiere event locations, a park in the city full of a virety of things to do. The facilities of this park are numerous, including picnic shelters, The Rhododendron Gardens are located along the path leading down from the National Capital Exhibition to Nerang Pool. The Nerang Pool which is located centrally within the Park. The Marsh Gardens are located to the north of Nerang Pool. The amphitheatre is situated at the eastern end of Nerang Pool and accommodates approximately 250 people. The theatre has fluorescent lights at the rear of the seating and two sets of flush foot-lights at the rear of the stage area. The Waterfalls area is located to the south of the chess board and runs into the eastern side of Nerang Pool. The Sybil Howy Irving Memorial Pergola is located to the west of the Rond Terraces. The roofing of the pergola consists of Wisteria vines. And the Rond Terraces are situated in an open space area at the southern end of Anzac Parade. They are in direct line between the Australian War Memorial and Parliament House (the Land Axis) and, as such, no structures may be positioned in the area. All temporary structures must be positioned on the grassed flanks of the Terraces.